Genesis Rodriguez Nude Clip Will Bend Your Mind!

Maybe you know this lovely girl from her famous American Spanish-language shows. She used to be in Dame Chocolate, do you remember? She played this uggo who changed her appearance with plastic surgeries, and later she was the biggest hottie in the town! The main hero did not want her at first, when she was ugly as fuck, you know, but when he saw her beautilicious and all luscious and confident, he fell in lust in a matter of seconds! But she was always far from grotesque, you know? Even when she was ugly, she was a beauty queen, which is why you will enjoy this Genesis Rodriguez nude page! Why are Latinas crazy hot even when considered ugly in their countries??

Genesis is one of the cutest girls you will ever see. She has that face of an angel, so innocent and naïve-looking. That is why it shocks us when we see her nude scene! She was in Centigrade, and maybe you do not know this movie well, but you will know her nude scene pretty well after seeing it! Genesis did a very steamy scene with her colleague, equally sexy and passionate. Their chemistry is undeniable, and you will definitely feel like the scene was real.

Unfortunately, at this moment, there are no many clips and pics of naked Genesis. It is a bummer because she is so hot that she can boil water! We are also sad that she does not have more famous movies. She is talented and deserves more recognition. Here is something interesting – Genesis is a Leo, born in July 35 years ago. Well, as of this writing. She has been an actress since 1994, and that chocolate role is probably her most famous one. When she was Rosita in Dame Chocolate, her sexy-ass love interest was none other than Carlos Ponce!

Genesis Rodriguez nude page should definitely be richer, we know! You know what? If she does a new nude scene in the future, we promise to upload it here! This Latin dream is too hot not to be enjoyed more, and we need more steamy scenes like the one from Centigrade! Do you know she also appeared in What to Expect When You’re Expecting? Unfortunately, she was not nude in this one at all! The movie would be much better if she was, do you agree?


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